Hello from SubUrban Bar & Kitchen,

Hope all of you are well out there and staying healthy!

We at SubUrban just wanted to take a moment to address any concerns we all have with regards to Covid-19 and what we are doing on our part to ensure guest and employee safety.

While we always comply with industry health and safety standards, here are a few things we are doing to make our environment a safe and sanitary place:

  • Curbside Pickup: for the immediate future as a way to accommodate all of our guests, we are introducing curbside pickup. Phone in your order and we’ll run it out to your car! Take is available during all business hours as well.

  • We have brought in a sanitizing agent: ’RTU Sanitizer’ developed to disinfect all surfaces: Tables, Chair backs, Seats, Doorknobs, Menus, Check Presenters and as many surfaces as possible that the public or staff may come into contact with.

  • Bathrooms, door handles, & countertops are being sanitized at regular intervals.

  • Staff is washing hands every time they contact any public surface and wearing gloves to perform services such as silverware ‘roll ups’.

  • Dishes and glassware are heat treated and sanitized in either one of our two high temp dishwashers 

  • Staff are being monitored to ensure continuous hand washing at regular intervals.

  • Staff has been asked to stay home if they are in any way feeling ‘under the weather’ 

  • Guests are being asked to wrap up leftovers themselves to limit employee contact with food

  • Guests are being asked to wash hands upon arrival to ensure our sanitary surfaces remain so

  • We humbly ask any guest to please refrain from leaving the house to dine if they are in any way not feeling well

  • Additionally, our menu is available on our website so please feel free use your phone tableside as an added measure if it makes you comfortable


We at SubUrban are working very hard to ensure a safe environment in which to dine. Thank you for allowing us at SubUrban Bar & Kitchen to be part of the community and know that we will always do our part to ensure a safe and pleasant dining experience.


Thank You so very much for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you!               


-The Burb’s

500 Route 10 West
Randolph, NJ 07869 

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